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UCAT tips and tricks

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4 Good Medical Practice Tips To Remember For Situational Judgement Test in UCAT

The four things to remember when practising the situational judgement subtest The Situational Judgement section of the University Clinical Aptitude ...
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82 Abstract Reasoning Patterns You Might Encounter

Abstract reasoning is all about being able to spot patterns quickly! Having some ideas about which patterns may come up ...
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How To Use The SCANS Method To Recognize Abstract Reasoning Patterns quickly

SCANS is an abstract reasoning mnemonic used to determine a specific pattern that shapes and elements are sequenced in. Each ...
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The UCAT is an exam that medical and dental students must undertake in order to gain access to select UK ...
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UCAT Timer

The UCAT timer is designed to help you practice questions with textbooks. Textbook practice can be pretty cumbersome so i ...
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How to Conquer The Situational Judgment Test on UCAT

The common statements about the Situational Judgement section of the UCAT are "I can' t seem to finish on time!" ...
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