Practice makes perfect! I wrote tons of UCAT questions in the past to practice from and now I’m making them available for free on my website! You can practice each set in timed and un-timed test conditions. Scroll down for more information!

Frequently Asked Questions

Most frequent questions and answers

Where are the questions from?

The majority of questions were written by myself from scratch, however, some questions were adapted and modified from older question banks.

Is this the full test interface?

No, but we’re getting there. I spun this page up so you could practice while I work on releasing the full test interface, complete with a full question bank and customizeable tests.

It will be a paid service, and will reside on a separate portion of the website. Everything on this side of the website, we will strive to keep free.

Once our full test interface is ready, this page will still remain live and totally free.

How to get the full sized test interface with custom tests and extra features?

One ready, we will announce it on our YouTube Page, and exactly where you can register an account!

Differences between this and test day exam?

This is ideally designed for question practice. The scratchpad is absent from this tool. For now, use this to familiarise yourself with the styles of questions they like to ask. If needed I can always add extra functionality.

Ideally, you should be only using the scratchpad minimally which is why I didn’t bother spending time adding it. If you insist on having these features on the free question bank, drop a comment below and I’ll work on pushing some updates.

Can I use keyboard shortcuts?

The keyboard shortcuts work exactly the same as in the real test. 

Next question = CTRL + N

Next Previous = CTRL + P

End Test = CTRL + E

We encourage familiarising yourself with these shortcuts as they will drastically improve your timing and efficiency.

Error in a questions

If you truly believe one of the questions are incorrectly written or the answer isn’t exactly right, the easiest way to alert me of this is to put it in the comment section below. Just let me know which subtest and question it is, and what you think the answer should be.


Hi, I'm Josh, admin and creator of the site. Hopefully, you find some value using all the resources I worked very hard to create!
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4 months ago

VR PRACTICE SET 3 Q1 where does it say that

3 months ago

DM PRACTICE SET 2 QUESTION 3: The answer is stated as C; in the reasoning for the answer, B is stated as the correct answer and C as incorrect. Please clarify the discrepancy.