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Entry Requirement Checker

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Among other things such as work experience, Uni location, and funding, there are 4 main things to think about when choosing your perfect medical school. Use this tool to filter through your ideal medical school!

This tool helps you cut down the time looking through blogs and student room posts to find the right schools for you. This however doesn’t exclude the necessity of doing your own research! Scroll down for more information on how to use it properly.

Entry Requirement Checker for UCAT Med Schools

Entry Requirements Checker

First A-Level
Second A-Level
Third A-Level
UCAT Average


Important things to know

This is a very simple tool that searches for the ideal university depending on the grades you achieved. 

I hated how i had to go through each university’s website to see if i met their minimum entry requirements, hence this tool!

This tool has information from each website pre-loaded and there are more cool updates to come. 

It is no more accurate than searching through websites yourself, which also goes for the UCAT cutoffs. 

They are purely speculative but may have some truth to them!

No. I intended on this being a purely suplementary tool to point you in the right direction for schools to search. 

The next update will include links to each university website so you may check all their policies and requirements.

This just means we were unable to find an ideal university based on the data inputted. 

It only means you should go and do more research since you may fall under widening participation, or able to get into BMAT/GAMSAT universities.

Basically don’t worry if the tool can’t find a school for you! And if you are worried, DM me for some advice if you want. My details are on the contact page.

The university data is collected from various sources including the university’s own web-page as well as FOI requests found online.

I am the sole programmer behind this website and often mistakes may crop in. If you think the entry requirement information or UCAT cutoff may be different, please use this contact form to get right to me. 


Graduates have a separate criteria when apply to medicine. This often includes lower A-Level offers, higher UCAT cutoff, and a minimum 2:1 in a bioscience degree. We are looking to implement this feature to allow graduates to see their ideal universities. This will also include graduate entry courses.

Some universities such as Leicester have a formula to calculate your rank score to determine the likely-hood of receiving an interview. We are looking to implement this feature on here soon.

We will be implementing wider participation checks based on geography and household income.

In the future, If your criteria doesn’t match with any UCAT universities, we would like to recommend universities that don’t only accept UCAT as an entry exam. 

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