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Snappy Syllogisms

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Syllogisms in the UCAT exam can be a challenging at first, however from personal experience, repeated practice makes it much easier!

Here is a tool that allows for repeated syllogism practice all at your own pace!

Kinks are still being ironed however this tool will continue to be developed.


You may use keyboard shortcuts to fire through the questions and pick answers.

Forward and backward

Use the B and M key to move forwards and backwards through the questions.


USe the A, S, D, F keys to answer a,b,c,d options.

This way, you can interrogate questions faster.

Early Beta

Most of the bugs are already known and all the features aren’t fully implemented however please use the comment section to suggest new features , UI changes and general feedback. You may also include in your comments other tools you may find useful that I should build.

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