Students struggle most with the Verbal Reasoning subtest in my opinion which is why i created this tool! It essentially helps with skim reading.

The aim is to find the keyword that it asks you to find. Once you click it, it automatically moves onto the next keyword. 

Hopefully your skim reading speed.

It trains you to find keywords first instead of trying to comprehend the whole passage.

Text Skimmer



Mostly random but loosely guided by a simple algorithm so keywords that make sense are picked. 

This means even though the same article may come up again, they keyword is likely to be new.


This is calculated taking into account your total time taken to complete the questions, the time taken for correct answers, and the amount of keywords you found. Weighting is placed on the amount of keywords found.

Bug Fixes and major Update – There are quite a few bugs to iron out but the page is mostly functional. Certain words won’t register as clicked because the page likes you to click only the occurence that it found, even if you find the same word elsewhere. Some words also won’t register at all but this is rare.

If the website gets sufficient traffic or interest, I can start overhauling these tools to make them fully functional. This was one of the first pages I made to teach myself HTML and Javascript, while creating a useful ‘proof of concept’ tool.

Contact me if you have any Web Dev experience and want to contribute to the site to speed the development process!